Dance Like You Mean It

My wife and I went on a short vacation to the western Pennsylvania area. We spent one night in a small, quaint town in the Ligonier Valley. What we didn’t realize is that the town was hosting a vintage car show and 50’s band and dance competition. The crowd gathered around the gazebo in the middle of the town square to listen to the band and where old and young couples danced swing (or whatever dance style they danced in the fifties). It was fun to watch and the young couples won first, second and third place. But the really good part started after the dance competition ended and this is what inspired me to right this post.

You see the music continued until well past nightfall and most of the young couples except for one had left. I supposed that since they had already won, there was no point in showing off the moves any longer. They had made their statement and went off to celebrate. Most of the remaining audience was an “older” crowd. Then something remarkable happened. The band began to play a slow, hold-your-girl-close song. The one young couple danced well at a respectable distance from each other. But the old folks… Ah, the aged married couples got up to dance too. And they DANCED! I mean they weren’t dancing to show off or to be seen, they danced because they were in love. They wanted to hold their darling close and look into their eyes and smile great big smiles. You could see it as they moved and twirled around the town square. They were in their own world and they didn’t care who else was there. It was just them expressing their love for each other. I have to tell you, it was a wonderful moment to experience and I thought about how this reflects our affection for the Lord.

There was one other woman there who even by that evening’s standard appeared really old. She shuffled along with her cane barely able to pick up her feet, but when the music started…watch out! Take a look at this short video my wife took (ignore the couple dancing in the foreground, focus on the woman in the back).

This woman was in the zone! She was feeling the music, celebrating the music and moving whatever parts of her body still moved. She danced with joy and abandon! We read in 2 Samuel the story of David bringing the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem. He was so happy, no, so JOYFUL to have the Lord’s presence among His people that he couldn’t help but dance. And David danced before the Lord with all his might (2 Samuel 6:14). He danced with abandon and joy! So much so that his wife Michal was embarrassed for him. It was “undignified.” David didn’t care he was more concerned about honoring his God than what people thought.

So as I reflected on these things, I thought to myself, “I have much more to celebrate than good 50’s music. Do I live my life with joy and abandon? Do I, like the woman in the video or even David himself, give my all before My Lord?” This was not a guilt trip but an inspiration, an encouragement. And like the older couples dancing close and lovingly, I also want to behold my Lover, my Lord, get lost in His presence and dance with all my might.


One response to “Dance Like You Mean It

  1. I love to dance! My son just signed his first professional dance contact for ballet. Living his dream.

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