The Sun’s Light Failed

Passover takes place on the first full moon after the vernal equinox (the start of the spring season).  This is relevant to today’s blog because as you read the account of the crucifixion you read that starting at noon and lasting 3 hours the sky was dark and the “sun’s light failed.”  Many simply dismiss that event as a solar eclipse.  Yet because the Passover takes place during a full moon it is astronomically impossible for a solar eclipse to take place.  During a full moon, the moon is on the opposite side of the sun in its orbit – it cannot pass in front of the sun, hence no solar eclipse. 

The failure of the sun’s light was not just a supernatural event, a miracle if you will; it was nature’s way of weeping for Jesus.  The darkness that encompassed the earth reflected the darkness that Jesus was experiencing on that cross, the darkness of separation from the Father, the darkness of being left alone.  Nature could not bear to look upon its Creator in anguish.  The sun was too ashamed to shine.  The only appropriate response was to hide its face from that terrible sight.  Nature groaned.  The ground heaved in gigantic sobs and the people reported an earthquake.

The heavens declare his righteousness, for God himself is judge!          (Psalm 50:6  ESV)

Our God is judge and He judged sin and it was a horrific judgment yet righteous.  God exhausted His wrath on that Man on that cross and nature declared Him righteous.  Should we not learn from observing nature?  Should we not look upon that Man and turn away and weep because of the sin that held him there?  Let us, with the heavens, declare his righteousness.


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