Husbands, Go Shopping with Your Wives

For Christmas this year I gave my wife rocks.  I don’t mean diamonds.  I mean actual rocks, pebbles, stones.  She was thrilled!  Now before I get an avalanche of hate mail, let me explain.  My wife has a small garden in our backyard.  Over the last few years, I’ve put chicken wire around her garden to keep groundhogs and rabbits out and a deer fence to keep… well, deer out.  I’ve placed paving blocks to create a path around her garden.   But to make it completed she needed some rocks to complete the path.  We didn’t have the money to do that the last few years so for Christmas this year, I gave her a gift card (and a small bag of pebbles) to buy what she needed.  As soon as she opened the box and saw the pebbles she knew exactly what it was for and she was thrilled – she could finish her garden!

I don’t tell you this story just to let you know what a wonderful husband I am – even though that is true, but to make the point that I knew what she wanted because I’ve spent the last 28 years listening to her and shopping with her (*gasp*!) and making mental notes of the things she likes and talks about and wishes about.  And why do I do that?  Because I love her and value her and I want to show her in a way she will understand.  I heard a couple of times this Christmas from friends who had no idea – NO idea – what to get their wives.  Here’s a thought, listen to her the other 364 days of the year and she will give you 700 ideas.  It just takes a little effort from us husbands to make her to make her the focus of our attention.

(Now wives, before you print out this post and throw it in your spouse’s face, take a moment and pray for him… OK, now go print it out).

But let me take a step back and make one more point.  What I am suggesting is nothing other than what Christ does in our lives.  He is our Bridegroom.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows what we need even before we ask.  He knows us intimately and He was willing to give everything – EVERYTHING – to show us how much he loves us and values us.  This is something that all of us, men and women, need to embrace.  He’s not clueless, distant, confounded or stymied by our lives.  He’s not scratching his head wondering what we’re up to or what to do next with us.  That is a great comfort to me.  I can rest in his love, trust him with my life and wait to open the gifts he has prepared for me.

I just might be a bag of rocks.  Wouldn’t that be great!


5 responses to “Husbands, Go Shopping with Your Wives

  1. Lovely article 😀 It is so true we never really know what to expect from God as our gifts ~ and the best part is HIS gifts are always so much better and more useful than our ideas 😉

  2. However, sometimes I open God’s gift and have no idea how to use it – until He teaches me.

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