I Don’t Want a Plastic Jesus

Its Christmas time again and you know what that means?  It means it’s time to climb into our attics or rummage in the garage for our plastic Jesus to put in the nativity scene.  I especially like the ones that you can put a light inside and make him glow.  Now before you call me a Scrooge, let me just say that I can appreciate the spirit of the season and the meaning of the manger scenes, but there is a subtle danger in these plastic displays.  Let me explain.

Think about what we are doing here.  We have a plastic casting of a baby which we deem to represent Jesus.  But this plastic Jesus is totally dependent on us to show up.  He can only come out of his box when we want him to.  We hose him off, plant him in a plastic crib and light him up.  Then at the end of the season, we wrap him up in bubble wrap and put him away for another year.  And my guess is that most people don’t think about him again for that year.  This plastic Jesus makes no demands on our lives.  He doesn’t challenge us.  He doesn’t convict us.  He doesn’t speak to those areas of our lives that need to change.  At the same time, this plastic Jesus doesn’t forgive sin.  He doesn’t offer rest.  He doesn’t heal.  He doesn’t bring joy, comfort or peace.  Plastic Jesus just lays there surrounded by plastic people making no impact in our lives.  He is tame… and quite frankly, useless.

I don’t want a plastic Jesus.  The Jesus I know is independent of me.  He acts as He wills, whenever He wants.  He shows up in my life in the most unexpected places and times.  And while that may be inconvenient at times, it is terribly rewarding when I pay attention.  I do not control this Jesus.  Hopefully, He has total control of my life.  At least that is what I am striving for.  Plastic Jesus just lays there. 

The Jesus I know speaks into my life.  He doesn’t leave me alone or to my own devices because He cares enough about me to want better for me.  This Jesus does demand, convict and forgive.  The Jesus I know is someone I can go to when the world has beaten me up and I am weary.  The Jesus I know is someone I can talk to, cry to and worship.  He is someone I can depend on when others have let me down.  He is someone who can give me hope, joy, comfort, peace, rest, direction, wisdom, support.  This Jesus is someone I can worship.  I mean really look to beyond anything the world can offer.  Plastic Jesus just lays there.

So, I’m not saying not to put up our Christmas lawn ornaments – or maybe I am, but either way please look beyond the hollow plastic baby and recognize the true and living Lord.  This Christmas bow down in reverence.


4 responses to “I Don’t Want a Plastic Jesus

  1. I love where you said, “I don’t want a plastic Jesus. The Jesus I know is independent of me.” How true and powerful 🙂 Jesus doesn’t need us. You’re so right that plastic Jesus dolls are a bad representation. Thanks for sharing this, it really got me thinking.

  2. Oh yes, I want a real Jesus too. An untameable, warrior king, who fought the battle of hell for me and who watches over me and demands things from me. This is a Jesus worthy of my worship.

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