Sweet Potatoes and the Word of God

So I’m walking through the produce aisle of the grocery store when a display stand catches my attention.  On the display are plastic wrapped packages of sweet potatoes.   Not just any sweet potatoes these were three foil wrapped sweet potatoes.  Three of them in the one package.  Just to be clear.  There were three sweet potatoes wrapped in soil packaged in plastic labeled “grillers.”  I stared at these packages in disbelief.  Then I looked further up the display stand and found similar packages of russet potatoes wrapped in gold foil.  I was astounded.  This is what we have come to as a society that we are not even willing, or perhaps able to take some aluminum foil and wrap our own potatoes to put on our grills.  Are we so pampered, so coddled?  Must we have someone else do this kind of task for us?  Are we so incapable of taking some minimal action to provide for our own sustenance?

Then I had a more disturbing thought.  Is this how we, how I, live the Christian life.  Do I expect the pastor, TV personality or book author to pre-digest the Word and feed me?  Am I incapable or unwilling to spend the time to seek, pursue, study in order to understand for myself the treasures of God’s word.  Am I content to build with “wood, stubble and hay” as Paul tells the Corinthian church or will I dig the rich ore out of the ground to build with gold, silver or gems?  Will I be satisfied with the spiritual milk doled out by others or will I move on to solid food?  “But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil” (Hebrews 5:14).  How good am I at the training in discernment?

I understand that there is a value in listening to the wisdom of others.  I know that there are those men and women who have studied and prepared and are gifted to teach.  Trust me, I have been greatly influenced and encouraged my some of them.  But I fear that we have become too dependent.  Instead of being spurred on to discipline, we are over-feeding our souls.  Instead of experiencing the wonder of hearing the whisperings of God in our spirit, we are content to let others describe Him to us.

So let me stop my rant triggered by foil covered potatoes, but please Church, please don’t fall into the mold of the culture around us.  Don’t let yourself be robbed of the satisfaction of sitting down one-on-one with Christ to hear His Word spoken to you, for you.   No prepackaged meal will ever taste as sweet.


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