Printing The Image of Christ

A couple of weeks ago I needed to print out a document I needed for church.  I pull up the document; hit the print button and… nothing!  I hate technology.  So I pull up the control panel and it shows me that the ink cartridges are empty.  Now I’m really frustrated and mad at the kids for using all the ink and not telling me.  OK, I go get new ink, install the cartridges and press the print button.  Nothing!  If I were a swearing man, this would be the time to do it.  Relax.  Pull up the control panel…no ink!  Now I know something is terribly wrong.  Did I mention I hate technology?  After more checking and looking and moving things and tracing cables, I solved the mystery.  NO Cable!  The cable from the printer to the computer was gone.  Gone!  WHAT?  WHO?  WHY?  Never mind.  I find the cable, connect it in between the printer and computer, pull up my document, press print and… success.  My document spits out.

So I’m sure you’re thinking, “Nice story, but what is the point here besides you should stay away from technology?”  I got to thinking about the connection between the printer and computer and how that mirrors our relationship to Christ.  I know this is not a perfect analogy but stay with me.

The printer is pretty much useless without the computer.  It just sits there and waits for input from the computer.  By itself it cannot create anything new or original, it only makes physical – through ink and paper – the creations of the computer.   It seems to me that we are like that printer.  We are pretty much useless in the Kingdom unless we are connected to Christ.  We can do nothing without Him.  We cannot create anything new or original.  We must be ready and available to make physical – through flesh and blood – the Word of Christ which He downloads to us.

I understand that this analogy is fraught with problems, but my point is simple.  We need to be connected to Christ in a vital, genuine and significant way if we are to stand any chance of demonstrating His love and glory to the world around us.   Without that connection we have nothing to offer but our own ideas, our own opinions, our own wisdom and our own resources, which I regret will all come up short.   But with Him, the possibilities are endless and the world can see something brilliant.  I cannot and will not tell you what that connection – that relationship – should look like.  It is, and must be, different for each person.  We must learn to recognize His voice and discover the way that our heart resonates with His.  At a minimum it must include some time with His written Word, that, I think, is fundamental, but from there pray, worship, mediate, rejoice, embrace, celebrate Him.  Then as you do, you will be able to “print” an image of Christ and show it to the world.  May your ink cartridges always remain full.


2 responses to “Printing The Image of Christ

  1. I love the way you have told this story and agree with you whole heartily that the relationship we have with Christ differs between each individual. i pray more often than not some days, chat to God whilst driving and for me its a very personal relationship … I’m not sure if that is because its all very new to me but i am sure of the importance of staying on this journey and crossing paths with the many brothers and sisters i now have!
    p.s i never have ink in the printer because children use it …

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