How Does God Show Up? – Part 2

Last week I was exploring the idea of how God shows up in our lives recounting the story of Elijah the prophet, who saw God’s answer to a three-year drought in a small cloud.  My point was that we often don’t recognize God’s presence or activity in our lives unless it is big and dramatic.  … Continue reading How Does God Show Up? – Part 2

How Does God Show Up? – Part 1

As Christians, we claim we want God to show up in our church or our lives.  When we say that, we usually mean we want some big, miraculous, showy demonstration of God’s presence.  We want Him to show up BIG!  Then we’ll know He’s for real.  Then all those people who doubted will be put … Continue reading How Does God Show Up? – Part 1

The Hardest Person To Forgive

It goes without saying that Christians are expected to forgive.  This has no doubt led to much angst and turmoil both within individuals and Christian communities.  As unappealing and distasteful as it may be to us at times, if we are to be faithful to the words of Scripture, then forgiveness is not an option.  … Continue reading The Hardest Person To Forgive

Show Me Your Glory

Moses was a gutsy guy, some would even say cheeky or daring or even a bit crazy.  You have to hand it to him though; he never stopped asking for more.  And amazingly, God seemed not only to put up with him but to reward him.  There is a great passage in the book of … Continue reading Show Me Your Glory

I Can See Clearly Now

“Presbyopia,” the doctor said.  I was devastated.  What would I tell my family?  How would I be able to do my job?  What happens next?  All these thoughts raced through my mind.  I had never heard of Presbyopia before.  Fear swept over me.  “What does that mean?” I finally asked the doctor.  “Oh,” he answered, … Continue reading I Can See Clearly Now

Psalm 23 in Slow Motion – Part 2

In my previous post, I deal with the first five words of this Psalm – “The Lord is my shepherd.”  Now it is time to slowly examine the next phrase: “I shall not want.”  While the first five words describe the relationship between the psalmist and the Lord – between Jesus and us – this … Continue reading Psalm 23 in Slow Motion – Part 2

Rock On

We used to own a rocking chair;  I think it belonged to my wife’s grandmother once, but I don’t remember how we ended up with it.  It was a large, high-back rocking chair, really very comfortable.  I remember it because I spent many nights rocking our kids in it.  It was usually very late at … Continue reading Rock On

Psalm 23 in Slow Motion – Part 1

It is, undoubtedly, the most well known and loved portion of Scripture of all time – the twenty-third Psalm.  We learn it at an early age, and many of us can recite it flawlessly from memory.  We run the words through our lips but, too often, our minds are disengaged from the very words we … Continue reading Psalm 23 in Slow Motion – Part 1

Coming Home

Here is what the word “Prodigal” means according to wastefully or recklessly extravagantgiving or yielding profusely; lavishlavishly abundant; profuseThe Prodigal son is probably one of the best-known stories in the Bible.  It’s a parable – a story - told by Jesus to make a point.  You can find it in Luke 15, but here … Continue reading Coming Home

Full-of-Faith Friends

There is a great story in the Gospel of Mark that highlights the importance of having friends who are full of faith and will act on that faith.  The story is of the paralytic man, and the great lengths his friends took to bring him in front of Jesus. And when he returned to Capernaum … Continue reading Full-of-Faith Friends